18 Sharbats That You Should Try at Least Once To Beat The Heat This Summer!

18 Sharbats That You Should Try at Least Once To Beat The Heat This Summer!

India is known for its diversity. This is true for its food, people, and even seasons. However, if there’s one thing all of us would agree is the fact that summers in India are unforgiving of Sharbats. With winter starting to retreat from most parts of the mainland, it’s time for us to find solace in cotton clothes and air conditioners. 

Discover a refreshing world of sharbats with our guide to the must-try varieties. From traditional classics to unique and exotic flavors, explore the diverse range of sharbats that will tantalize your taste buds. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to quench your thirst and indulge in a delightful cultural experience.

This also means you need to choose a variety of drinks to keep you hydrated. A good sharbat can not only keep you rejuvenated but also tickle your taste buds.


So here are 15 flavors of sharbat you must try at least once this summer-

1. Gulab or rose

This one needs no introduction. The freshness of rose extracts will surely refresh your soul from within and provide you with a much-needed respite from the heat.

2. Khus-Khus

Another star among the sharbat, which is prepared from the roots of the khus plant. Its exotic taste and mysterious nature are something you should surely explore this summer.

3. Sandal

Though sandal is known for its aroma, only a few know that its sharbat is as enticing! Its refreshing properties make it the coolest way to quench your thirst this summer.

4. Zafraan

Why just quench your thirst when you can do it the royal way? Popular since the Mughal era, this sharbat is surely going to take you way back in time because of its legacy!

5. Paan

Also a Mughal-era drink, betel leaves are full of calcium that is good for your bones and teeth. And if you are a paan-lover, this is the perfect drink for you.


6. Kewra

Extracted from the kewra palms, this fragrant variety of plants is ideal for you if you are in search of a unique drink and mental peace! 

7. Badam

Though badam is primarily known for its health benefits it can even help in chilling out during summers and basking in a heavenly ride of deliciousness when served in the form of a sharbat.

8. Lemon

No drink is complete without lemon. It is one of the best coolers nature has to offer and is a must-try. It has made a permanent place in our homes especially when talking about summer. So, lemon sharbat is a must-have as it can also be combined with many other things to give it a lime flavor and goodness!

9. Ripe Mango

The king of fruits is just the best when it comes to drinks. This is why it is the most preferred flavor all over the world. A pulpy mango drink is just what would complete the summer for you.


10. Pineapple

 The taste is so unique that this sharbat can easily be used as a mocktail, smoothie, ice candy, or as a topping on your favorite ice cream. Not to forget its numerous health benefits.

11. Orange

Juicy orange drinks that are rich in Vitamin C help with your dental health and your eyesight not to mention the unmatchable taste.


12. Lychee

If sharbat is not just about sweetness for you, you should go for a bit of tangy lychee flavor.

13. Raw Mango

Raw Mango drinks or Aam Panna is a quintessential drink that every summer lover craves. It’s not just the flavor that is its claim to fame but its heat-resisting properties that make it the best.

14. Jeera

Jeera is known for its digestive properties, anti-inflammatory properties, and its cooling effects. A jeera sharbat is not just a thirst quencher but also a complete drink in itself.

15. Kala Khatta

What fun is summer without the delectable goal and huskies? Relive your childhood memories with the tangy-salty and sweet taste of kala khatta.

Apart from these, a few must-try drinks include-

1. Brahmi Badam

2. Sharbat-E-Fida

3. Himgiri Sharbat Gulab

So which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Disclaimer: The Content of this article is for informational purposes only.

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